Introducing to Our First Road Trip in Arizona


We flew down from Seattle to Phoenix in March because of Mohit’s official work, so we planned a weekend getaway and the weather in phoenix was just perfect. I have
several fond memories of this trip. It’s literally one of my favorite destinations where I can go N number of times.
In Phoenix, We visited South Mountain Park, one of the largest urban parks in North America and in the world. A wonderful experience and absolutely beautiful views from
top. The best part is you don’t have to hike up the mountain if you choose not to. We drove up to the Dobbins Lookout point and got the PANORAMIC VIEW of entire Phoenix.

South Mountain Park


Dobbins Lookout


For sunset, We decided to checkout Hole-in-the-Rock which is a natural geological formation in Papago Park. We climbed up-to the hole. It was pretty easy to do, five
minutes hike. Great hiking spot for beginners with amazing views of Phoenix. It was a nice place to sit and take in a the beauty of nature.

Day1-Ultimate Roadtrip to Grand Canyon begins
We left phoenix early and arrived Grand Canyon around 1:00 PM. It was our first time but it definitely won’t be our last. I’m in love with the Grand Canyon, the awe and
wonder is incredible. The first look over the canyon wall…astonishment!!! I could not take my eyes off. I am so into rocks now. Every point is great but Hopi Point is
the best to see sunset. It’s beautiful to watch the sun dip below the canyon in the far horizon.

This is one of the most exotic experiences I have had, can’t recommend enough. You can see pictures, but nothing does it justice. If you get the chance, Just go see for
yourself. Truly, one of the seven natural wonders of the world The Grand Canyon!


Stayed overnight at Page and next morning we headed off to Monument valley, iconic sandstone formations, located on the border of Arizona and Utah. The drive was
spectacular and magical with the view of desert. This is another world, can’t beat the 360 degree views of incredible scenery. Just be careful if you drive you’re own
vehicle, several bumpy patches in dirt roads or you can take a tour. It’s impossible not to come away with beautiful pictures!


Next we came to Lower Antelope Canyon and booked a tour instantly there itself. Our tour guide was assigned to us and started our tour with a small group of 10. There are multiple groups that go in at the same time. To get into the canyon, it took a while because you have to climb down three levels of steps into the canyon below, some of which were really steep. The canyon walls were beautiful and can see a lot of rock structures. It’s really cool how nature made this. It was about an hour and fifteen minutes tour. Our tour guide was funny, knowledgeable and gave us great tips by showing us all the cool spots to steal nice photos. At times we were rushed because there were so many people around. Overall, It was a great experience and we had an amazing time.

After this tour, we went to Horseshoe Bend which was less than 10-15 minutes away. It is a 1.5 mile hike(in sand) round trip to a spectacular sight. It’s a gem of a place. Once you’re there, looking down at the Colorado river, it will all be worthwhile.
TIP : Wear sunscreen, a hat and Don’t forget your water!



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