Trip to Hawaii

There are eight Hawaiian islands but six are open to visitors-Hawaii(The Big Island), Maui, O’ahu, Kaua’i, Moloka’i, Lana’i.
We chose Oahu where Honolulu, which is the capital of the state, is the main gateway for most of the Hawaii’s visitors and mostly you need to connect through Oahu to get to the other islands. O’ahu is the mix of vibrant shores of beaches, art, happening night life with natural and cultural wonders. If you want to experience more of natural beauty then you can check out Maui or Kauai.

We stayed at Waikiki Resort Hotel which is near to Waikiki beach. Awesome location! After a long tiring day,we went to Waikiki beach to relax. It was beautiful but pretty crowded. I loved strolling along the beach and watching people surfing, paddle boarding or canoe riding. It was not the prettiest beach in Hawaii but it gives you a different kind of vibe, full of energy. It was the most popular tourist attraction so we had to see it. But if you missed it, Its OK. No biggie.:)

Next day,We started our day with the most scenic drive to Ho`omaluhia Botanical Garden. You will get lost in the beauty and peacefulness of this place. Every corner was lush and green. We walked around the garden for around 1 hour then we left to hike crouching lion trail.

Hawaii, Botanical Garden,Oahu
Hawaii,Botanical Garden,Oahu,Adventure,US,United StatesIt was one of the most difficult hikes I have ever done. This hike takes you up to the rock formation known as Crouching Lion and then rides a ridge-line up and down. There is a rope attached to few points to help you get going. This was really a challenging hike. The steep climb to the top was hard but it was well worth it. View from the top was breathtaking. Highlight : It was harder on our way back down. I literally found myself holding onto tree roots to help myself. It was so much fun. I loved it 🙂

Crouching Lion,Hawaii,US,Oahu,United States,Trip,Vacation

Crouching Lion,Hawaii,US,Oahu,United States,Trip,Vacation
Crouching Lion
Crouching Lion,Hawaii,US,Oahu,United States,Trip,Vacation
Crouching Lion-View from top

Crouching Lion,Hawaii,US,Oahu,United States,Trip,Vacation

Next day, We visited Pearl Harbor, a historic place that probably everybody knows,is now a tribute to people who died in WW2. It provides a great opportunity to learn more about people who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor. It was incredibly moving visit. We booked a tour which includes a short movie which shows how the Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese Empire and then to the memorial which is built on the sunken battleship. It was heartbreaking to see that. The decaying ships are still leaking oil on the surface of water.

USS Ariona Memorial,Pearl Harbour,Hawaii,US,Oahu,United States,Trip,VacationUSS Ariona Memorial,Pearl Harbour,Hawaii,US,Oahu,United States,Trip,VacationUSS Ariona Memorial,Pearl Harbour,Hawaii,US,Oahu,United States,Trip,VacationUSS Ariona Memorial,Pearl Harbour,Hawaii,US,Oahu,United States,Trip,VacationAfter this heavy tour, We both left to do another hike. 🙂 And it was the most popular in Oahu, Diamond Head. This moderate 1.6 miles round trip hike starts from the middle of the Diamond Head volcano crater.There are few sets of stairs in this hike and this trail is exposed so make sure you bring water and a hat with you. From the top, You can see Waikiki beach and the view was just amazing!

Diamond Head,crater,Hawaii,US,Oahu,United States,Trip,VacationDiamond Head,crater,Hawaii,US,Oahu,United States,Trip,Vacation
On our last day, We hit the north shore of Oahu Island. On our way,We first went to checkout Nuuanu Pali Lookout and It was the bestestttt 🙂 .I could spend whole day standing there. It was super windy that I couldn’t even stand properly. I was flying :). Well worth the trip! And this lookout offers the most stunning views in Hawaii. Its difficult to put in words. Each angle gives complex views and scenery. This part is my personal favorite in this trip. Must-see spot in Oahu.

Nuuanu Pali Lookout,Hawaii,US,Oahu,United States,Trip,Vacation
Nuuanu Pali Lookout

Nuuanu Pali Lookout,Hawaii,US,Oahu,United States,Trip,VacationNuuanu Pali Lookout,Hawaii,US,Oahu,United States,Trip,VacationNuuanu Pali Lookout,Hawaii,US,Oahu,United States,Trip,Vacation
Then, We arrived to The Dole Plantation as we were hungry and It has the world largest maze too.We filled our stomach with fresh pineapple ice-cream and also we found all eight hidden pieces in maze. The map made the maze do-able.:P Yayyy!!!! It was a nice little spot to chill.Nothing to do much.

Dole plantation,Pinapple,maze,Hawaii,US,Oahu,United States,Trip,Vacation
World largest maze-This is how it looks!

Dole plantation,Pinapple,maze,Hawaii,US,Oahu,United States,Trip,Vacation

Finally, We arrived on the north shore of Oahu. We went to the Lanikai Beach. This was the most beautiful beach we have ever seen maybe because I haven’t visited California beaches yet ;). It was a get away from the hustle of Honolulu. Near it, there was Turtle Beach and we spot one huge sea turtle sleeping in the sand.

Lanikai Beach,Hawaii,US,Oahu,United States,Trip,VacationLanikai Beach,Hawaii,US,Oahu,United States,Trip,Vacation

Lanikai Beach,Hawaii,US,Oahu,United States,Trip,Vacation
Sea Turtles

Lanikai Beach,Hawaii,US,Oahu,United States,Trip,Vacation

Lanikai Beach,Hawaii,US,Oahu,United States,Trip,Vacation

makapuu lookout,Beach,Hawaii,US,Oahu,United States,Trip,Vacation
makapuu lookout

What a wonderful experience it was!!!!


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  1. Marquessa says:

    Beautiful! Still on my list of places to visit! Cheers!

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    1. lyftreat says:

      Thankyou!! I am sure you will love it.

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